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What is the basic thing in your life? For sure this thing is your health. The doctors in Øre-Næse-Halspraksis understand how your physical condition bears on the level of life. In Øre-Næse-Halspraksis you can:

  • get a preventive screening of your physical condition
  • ask for recommendations on how to strengthen your health
Doctors try to prevent the onset and development of chronic illnesses. At the initial appointment, the doctor might gather essential data about your physical state and then offer a basic treatment.

Rating 4.1 shows that users recommend this location! To clearify extra information or methods of making an appointment with a professional you should use the phone number 35 37 77 78 or just visit the company in Denmark, Danmark, 2200 København, Nørrebrogade 116, 1tv.

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Mon-wed, fri: 08:00—14:30; thu: 12:00—18:00
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