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  • Kristinedal Burgers

    Restaurants Pan-Asian cuisine
    78 reviews
    9 minutes Nørreport Danmark, 1455 København, Studiestræde 37, Copenhagen
    This place did not disappoint!! Would recommend to anyone visiting Copenhagen.
  • La Tre Street Kitchen

    Restaurants Pan-Asian cuisine
    158 reviews
    Open until 21:00
    7 minutes Nørreport Danmark, 1455 København, Studiestræde 11, Copenhagen
    …can’t recommend a better place! If you like Asian food and flavours and you are in Copenhagen this is a must!
  • Selfish Sushi and Sake

    Restaurants Pan-Asian cuisine
    85 reviews
    13 minutes Forum Danmark, 2200 København, Elmegade 4, Copenhagen
    Great sushi! We had the XXL combination which is on the large side for 2 persons!
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  • Bastard Café

    Restaurants Pan-Asian cuisine
    140 reviews
    Open until 00:00
    10 minutes Kongens Nytorv Danmark, 1466 København K, Rådhusstræde 13, Copenhagen
    Cerveza barata y juegos de mesa para jugar.
  • Bento

    Restaurants Pan-Asian cuisine
    113 reviews
    Danmark, 1653 København, Helgolandsgade 16, Kælder, Copenhagen
    Always great authentic Japanese food
  • H table

    Restaurants Pan-Asian cuisine
    93 reviews
    Open until 22:00
    9 minutes Nørreport Danmark, 1369 København K, Gyldenløvesgade 10 st.+kld, Copenhagen
    One of my favourite Asian restaurants in Copenhagen and they have the the best fried chicken wings! The owner and staff…
  • Eat in Time

    Restaurants Pan-Asian cuisine
    64 ratings
    28 minutes Frederiksberg 邮政编码: 2500, Valby Langgade, København, Danmark, Copenhagen
  • Naan Point

    Restaurants Pan-Asian cuisine
    92 reviews
    Danmark, 2500 København, Vigerslevvej 273, Copenhagen
    One of the best deshi asian food I had in copenhagen till now
  • Khmer Cuisine

    Restaurants Pan-Asian cuisine
    136 reviews
    Open until 22:00
    10 minutes Østerport Danmark, 1264 København, Store Kongensgade 92, kld, Copenhagen
    Впервые пробовала камбоджийскую кухню. Не могу сказать, что она как-то кардинально отличается, но вкусно было просто…
  • Satang Thai Bistro

    Restaurants Asian food
    77 reviews
    Open until 21:00
    6 minutes Forum Danmark, 1960 Frederiksberg, Åboulevard 51, Copenhagen
    Autentisk Thai mad som var meget godt, kan også bemærke at vi fik også god vin, meget hyggelig aften
  • nihao YAO

    Restaurants Asian cuisine
    63 reviews
    10 minutes Forum Danmark, 2200 København N, Rantzausgade 52, Copenhagen
    …authentic taiwanese food. Was craving for some asian food and decided on this place. The place was small but comfy. Menu selection was quite big…
  • Restaurant KhunJuk

    Restaurants Asian places
    118 reviews
    Open until 23:00
    4 minutes Kongens Nytorv Danmark, 1264 København, Store Kongensgade 9, Copenhagen
    Har lige haft den store fornøjelse at have besøgt denne skønne lille perle, så fantastisk velkomst af Khun Juk med et stort hjertelig smil, hyggelig stemning og sublim lækker mad
    Én klar anbefaling herfra
    Tak for jer
  • Restaurant Tokyo

    Restaurants Asian lunch
    81 reviews
    Danmark, 1620 København, Vesterbrogade 77, Copenhagen
    Min første gang på en rigtig japansk oplevelse, husk at bestille bord hvis man ikke vil sidde på knæ på gulvet ved bordet som man gør kan gøre i Japan.
    Virkelig god mad, og dejligt med en ny smagsoplevelse.
  • Ramen to Bíiru

    Restaurants Pan asian restaurant
    132 reviews
    Open until 21:00
    Danmark, 1674 København, Enghavevej 58, Copenhagen
    Rigtig god mad og venligt personale. Stemningen er god.
    Eneste minus er, at man sidder meget tæt.
  • Det Argentinske Vinhus

    Restaurants Authentic asian food
    52 reviews
    6 minutes Amagerbro Danmark, 2300 København S, Amagerbrogade 18, Copenhagen
    Super Tapas -bar, med at stort udvalg af vine og øl. Skøn, “nede på jorden” betjening. Jeg kommer helt sikkert igen
  • Charm Thai cuisine

    Restaurants Asiatic restaurant
    62 ratings
    Open until 21:00
    6 minutes Kongens Nytorv Danmark, 1253 København, Toldbodgade 7, Copenhagen
  • Banh mi

    Restaurants Asian style food
    124 ratings
    Open until 20:00
    14 minutes Forum Danmark, 2200 København, Elmegade 20, 2200 n, Copenhagen
  • Slurp Ramen Joint

    Restaurants Asian spots
    182 reviews
    5 minutes Nørreport Danmark, 1366 København, Nansensgade 90, Copenhagen
    It is a small place, so I presume there might be a waiting line sometimes (I went there around 8pm on a Sunday). You site on high chairs, the waiter takes your order, their ipa is cold and delicious. I ordered their signature ramen, and it was…
  • eden jaxx

    Restaurants Asian places to eat
    118 reviews
    Open until 20:30
    4 minutes Nørreport Danmark, 1150 København, Købmagergade 58, Copenhagen
    Oh so tasty burgers, loved them very much. The food came very fast and the amount of fries was humongous, so we all were very much filled in the end. The sauces felt like they were from heaven, i highly recommend the green goddess sauce. And the…
  • Hanoi Alley - Vietnamese Street Food

    Restaurants Asian food spots
    70 reviews
    Open until 21:00
    14 minutes Forum Danmark, 2200 København, Nørrebrogade 63, Copenhagen
    …So glad to have found really yummy Vietnamese food in Copenhagen at a reasonable price and great service!
  • Ramen to Bíiru Nørrebro

    Restaurants Asian food restaurants
    136 reviews
    Open until 22:00
    10 minutes Forum Danmark, 2200 København, Griffenfeldsgade 28, Copenhagen
    Delicious Asian food for a friendly price. Atmosphere is student like, informal and easygoing.
  • Laboca

    Restaurants Asian food places
    74 reviews
    Open until 19:00
    1 minute Nørreport Danmark, 1360 København, Frederiksborggade 21, Torvehallerne Hal 2, Copenhagen
  • Mina Kebab - Brønshøj

    Restaurants Asian dinner
    57 reviews
    Open until 22:00
    31 minutes Flintholm Danmark, 2700 København, Frederikssundsvej 183A, Copenhagen
    Fantastisk lækre shawarma, venlig betjening
  • The Vietnamese

    Restaurants Asian dining
    119 reviews
    Open until 23:00
    9 minutes Østerport Danmark, 1264 København K, Store Kongensgade 91, Copenhagen
    I have tried so many Vietnamese restaurants in Europe, and I can also make good Vietnamese foods at home. And I can say…
  • Lee's Kitchen

    Restaurants Asian cooking restaurant
    55 ratings
    3 minutes Forum Danmark, 1635 København, Åboulevard 13A, Copenhagen
  • Jabby's

    Restaurants Asian places to eat
    73 reviews
    9 minutes Nørreport Danmark, 1455 København, Studiestræde 39, Copenhagen
    Very authentic Filipino Cuisine in the heart of Copenhagen. Chef Jabby & his Sister are so Nice and professionals…
  • Jais Madhus Thai Take away

    Restaurants Asian restaurants
    60 reviews
    Open until 21:30
    Danmark, 2100 København, Sifs Pl. 3, Copenhagen
  • Limdim

    Restaurants Asian cuisine
    46 reviews
    31 minutes Flintholm Danmark, 2500 København, Dronning Dagmars Allé 1, st th, Copenhagen
    Great food, the very high average rating is really well deserved
  • Hidden Dimsum

    Restaurants Asian food
    185 reviews
    Open until 22:00
    10 minutes Nørreport Danmark, 1450 København, Nytorv 19, Copenhagen
    Best (real) Asian food experienced in CPH!
  • Desserthuset

    Restaurants Asian food places
    75 reviews
    6 minutes Nørreport Danmark, 1360 København K, Frederiksborggade 50, Copenhagen
    Great desserts and good coffee!